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NEW Global Intergenerational Week 24-30 April #GIW24 - United for All Ages e-newsletter special on some of the highlights - and win an award for the best #GIW24 activity

April for all ages! April promises intergenerational action galore with Global Intergenerational Week and April for All Ages. See March/April news from United for All Ages and let us know what you are doing in April

Older and young people together - a brilliant article about the care-home nursery run by Ready Generations at Belong Chester in The Guardian

Tackling ageism, celebrating intergenerational action, building communities for all ages - see February 2024 news from United for All Ages

Bring on 2024 for all ages - January 2024 news from United for All Ages - news, views, events and resources on all things intergenerational here

Fernbees intergenerational video - a great demonstration of the power of intergenerational interaction at a care-home nursery in Stockport run by Olea Care  

November 2023 news from United for All Ages - connecting a world for all ages, our latest newsletter reflects the the growth in bringing generations together with news, views and resources

September 2023 news from United for All Ages - the rise and rise of intergenerational action plus news, views and resources in our latest e-news

July/August news from United for All Ages - importance of 'mixing matters' drives intergenerational growth, plus lots of news, views, activities and resources in our latest e-news

April/May news from United for All Ages - looking forward to Global Intergenerational Week and other events, activities and resources to bring generations together in our latest e-news

February news from United for All Ages - all the latest on intergenerational living, learning, care, housing and communities in our e-news

Shared sites - care homes and nurseries - Denise Burke will be speaking at the Nursery World Business Summit on 7 March 2023

January news from United for All Ages - 2023, the year of living intergenerationally. Our latest news, resources and events here

September/October news from United for All Ages - a new era for Britain? Our latest news, resources and events here   

July/August news from United for All Ages - a fresh start for a summer for all ages, with lots of news, resources and events here

April/May news from United for All Ages - bringing Britain together - the power of intergenerational interaction and a ten week challenge, plus lots of news, resources and events here

March/April news from United for All Ages - sharing homes and bills: intergenerational living is the future, plus lots of news, resources and events here

February/March news from United for All Ages - intergenerational news, resources and events here

Opportunities for intergenerational living? A discussion on how the new government taskforce on housing options for older people could also promote intergenerational living. A special zoom meeting of the Intergenerational Housing Network on Tuesday 22 February. See our March/April newsletter above for a report.

Creating high streets for all ages - the meeting of the Intergenerational Housing Network on Tuesday 1 February heard from Caroline Hargreaves who is managing Gateshead council's high street regeneration plans. See Caroline's slides

January 2022 news from United for All Ages - get planning for 2022, find out more about the Intergenerational Housing Network, and see updates on lots of events and resources to support more mixing here 

November/December 2021 news from United for All Ages - will 2022 be a year for all ages, where next for intergenerational living/housing plus resources and events galore in our latest newsletter 


The 30 November meeting of the Intergenerational Housing Network featured great presentations by Clarion Housing Group and InCommon. See a recording of the meeting at: Passcode: dnM+eT02 

NEW Models of intergenerational care - see a presentation by Stephen Burke to a national conference on relational care this autumn

August meeting of Intergenerational Housing Network - the network's meeting on 19 August featured two presentations: by Makespace Oxford on how they are transforming high streets across Oxfordshire and by the School of International Futures on their new tools for assessing intergenerational fairness in public policies. To see a recording, visit Passcode: U3Fe!e2#

The latest news from United for All Ages - green shoots this autumn, plus resources and events galore in our Sept/Oct 2021 newsletter. Please see our July 2021 newsletter on new projects, the Intergenerational Housing Network plus news and views, resources and events. Also our June 2021 newsletter

Where next for intergenerational living? The 29 April meeting of the Intergenerational Housing network featured great presentations about health and well-being at Ebbsfleet Garden City and about moving beyond age segmentation.

Intergenerational Living - see Deb Wyatt's dissertation on intergenerational housing, packed full of resources and examples,

Intergenerational Housing Network - the network's zoom meeting on 23 February featured a presentation by Nigel Saunders of Pozzoni about developments in Greater Manchester and discussion and updates on key issues. 

Designing to meet needs - Zoe Phillips' dissertation focuses on thinking beyond generations to design more inclusively.

Intergenerational care and dementia - see the Housing and Dementia Research Consortium's annual webinar with guest speakers held on 26 January on YouTube.  

Inauguration hope for the UK? Time to create a Britain that works for all ages and future generations - article by Stephen Burke

Together for Tomorrow - ILC-UK's Future of Ageing conference on 3 December 2020 focused on the impact of increasing longevity for all generations and why we must plan now to make the most of ageing for future generations. Great speakers helped deliver the best intergenerational event of the year. To view the conference on catch up, see here

Changing high streets, creating inclusive intergenerational living and shared spaces - help deliver our vision for creating high streets of the future as retail and office spaces empty. See the Intergenerational Housing Network's vision paper.

Intergenerational Housing Network  -the November 2020 meeting featured presentations by the winning and shortlisted entries in Enfield council's competition for an intergenerational housing development. Plus lots of other ideas, news and plans. See this note for key links and a recording of the meeting with full presentations.

Intergenerational Linking between young people and older people living in care homes - view a recent webinar hosted by Care Home Friends and Neighbours: Intergenerational Linking Project. Hear about the project and help to make intergenerational linking happen. Grants are also available in England from The Dunhill Medical Trust.

Autumn for All Ages - after months of lockdown, it's time for intergenerational action this autumn from September to November. See the flier for more information and below are ideas galore for Autumn for All Ages in socially distanced times. See how Torbay council is taking part this autumn 

Sustaining intergenerational connections at a time of crisis - a new report by InCommon and Clarion Futures on keeping connected during the coronavirus crisis is here

Intergenerational Housing Network - the most recent meeting of the network was a virtual discussion on 28 July about opportunities from changing high streets and influencing for intergenerational housing. Notes from the meeting are here. Leave comments on our Forum on this site about these issues.

Intergenerational housing resources can also be found at Housing Learning and Improvement Network

Connecting isolated groups during COVID-19 - please see our evidence to the APPG on Social Integration's inquiry about the impact of coronavirus on social connection for isolated groups

Coronavirus - intergenerational projects should follow the latest government guidance re COVID-19. Umbrella organisations like Early Years Alliance and National Care Forum have also issued advice.

Intergenerational programmes: exploring the potential benefits for pre-school children - executive summary of research in Bristol by Lois Peach

National Intergenerational Week - local and national activities were held during 23-29 March 2020 coordinated by St Monica Trust  Our blog on issues and activities for the week. 

Growing Together - fifty inspiring ideas for intergenerational learning by Lorraine George published by Yellow Door. Special 10% discount for United for All Ages supporters quoting GT10

Together in the 2020s - twenty ideas for creating a Britain for all ages by 2030: download United for All Ages' new report and news release, published in January 2020 

Positive Thinking - All under one roof?: on 1 January 2020, BBC Radio 4 discussed how to scale up schemes like Homeshare and Haringey's pioneering intergenerational housing project for older and younger people. Find out more about the programme here  More tips on intergenerational housing here

Seeing is believing - the Intergenerational Housing Network visited Hull in February 2020 to see an extra care scheme for adults of all ages and hear from the recent winner of The Guardian public servant of the year award for a pioneering intergenerational project supporting young entrepreneurs. Notes and links from the visit are here 

Football can bring young and old together - the power of football clubs to lead intergenerational projects was demonstrated when United for All Ages sponsored Brentford's match vs Fulham in December 2019

Intergenerational Learning in Practice - a wide-ranging book with chapters on innovative projects from the UK and elsewhere in Europe, USA and Australia for practitioners, professionals and academics can be purchased here

The Intergenerational Evaluation Toolkit - developed over 15 years by Generations United and Dr Shannon Jarrott in the USA, this is a crucial tool for measuring impact

Rethinking intergenerational housing - Matter Architecture has researched how people of all ages and backgrounds can live independent lives in housing that enables them to share knowledge, skills and experience. See the online resource 

Third meeting of Intergenerational Housing Network - see the minutes from 17 October 2019 meeting in Westminster and the presentations by Roland Karthaus of Matter Architecture and Alan Marples of Riverside

Submissions to the APPG on Social Integration inquiry into intergenerational connection - see United for All Ages' evidence on co-location and the Intergenerational Housing Network's evidence on intergenerational housing

#AllAgesAugust - what are you doing in August? Share fun, activities and experiences with other generations - flyer here and news release here

Intergenerational Housing Network - its second meeting on 2 July 2019 in Leeds featured presentations by Beryl Gillespie of CHS Group, Jennifer Challinor of Crichton Trust and Deborah Fox of Homeshare UK, plus minutes here. Please contact Stephen Burke if you want to join the network - the next meeting is in London on 17 October

The Best of Both Worlds - the new report by Generations United and the Eisner Foundation sets out how to create more intergenerational shared sites bringing older and younger people together across the USA. Report and news release here

Healing the Generational Divide - we have warmly welcomed the new report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration on creating communities for all ages, bringing older and younger people together, tackling division and ageism, and building trust and understanding between generations

The next generation: how intergenerational  interaction improves life chances for children and young people - see United for All Ages' 2019 report and news release on how mixing with  older people  boosts children's skills, confidence and opportunities while tackling ageism and loneliness #thenextgeneration

Intergenerational Housing Network - following the first meeting of the network on 21 March 2019, download presentations by Emma Garland and by Gill Taylor and Yasmin Drakes plus the minutes. Please contact Stephen Burke if you want to join the network

Are you a nursery practitioner or nanny looking to link with an older people's care home or housing scheme? Then see our new guides to getting started, created with Tinies Childcare, the UK's largest network of childcare agencies supporting childcare professionals in permanent or temporary employment

Help create 500 centres for all ages across the UK by 2023 – in spring 2019 we ran a series of free regional workshops to help make it happen - in Leeds (27 Feb), Manchester (28 Feb), Peterborough (5 Mar), London (6 Mar) and Bristol (7 Mar). Watch this space for further events.

BBC consultation on free TV licences for people aged over 75 - intergenerational fairness needs a proper review of taxation, not tinkering with TV licences. Read United for All Ages' response

How nurseries can share sites with care homes – co-location of care was featured at the Nursery World Business Summit in November 2018 with a presentation by United for All Ages

Getting involved – many local groups are contacting us about building links between care homes and informal childcare. Here are some Tips for parent and toddler groups planning activities with a local care home. Five social and economic reasons why care homes should adopt an intergenerational approach here.

Early Years TV interview on intergenerational care – Denise Burke gives practical advice and support to early years professionals looking to set up co-located care with nurseries and care homes here

Making co-location of care happen – United for All Ages is working with providers of older people’s housing and care and providers of childcare to create shared sites bringing old and young together. For more on the ‘how to’, please contact us

Parliamentary inquiries tackle intergenerational issues – read our responses to inquiries by the Lords economic affairs select committee on care funding, the social integration APPG on intergenerational connection, and the Lords select committee on intergenerational fairness

A Life Less Lonely by Nick Duerden – great new book on tackling loneliness features centres for all ages like care-home nurseries. United for All Ages supporters can get 30% off the RRP using code KINDER30 at the checkout at

#mixingmatters – United for All Ages’ 2018 report on how shared sites can bring older and younger people together to promote intergenerational care and learning, housing and communities. See Mixing Matters

Learning from Intergenerational Housing Projects in the USA – this new report by Emma Garland following her Winston Churchill Fellowship in the USA has essential lessons for developing new housing schemes in the UK

Mixing and mending – a BBC video about the UK’s first intergenerational café in Liverpool where people of all ages mix and sew, bake and mend all sorts of things

All in Together – a report from Generations United and the Eisner Foundation on shared sites in the USA, creating places where older and younger can people thrive – full report here

Ofsted gives the green light for co-located care – Ofsted has issued guidance to its inspectors on registering and inspecting shared sites with childcare and eldercare services for younger and older people. The guidance covers scenarios involving nurseries and childminders based at care home sites and can be seen here

Starting Young: lifelong lessons from the USA – see Lorraine George’s report on intergenerational care and learning following her Winston Churchill Fellowship in the USA with recommendations for the UK

First primary school to host a day centre for older people with dementia – launched in Redbridge, the day centre at Downshall primary school brings together older people and children to learn and grow together. Featured on BBC Breakfast TV and in The Guardian

Ending age apartheid – how the ‘care-home nursery’ can bring old and young together – our lecture to the Royal Society of Medicine’s Innovations Summit

The first ‘care-home nursery’ in this country – Apples & Honey nursery opened at Nightingale House, a care home, bringing older and young people together with their families. Lovely BBC news film here. It’s the first example in the UK of a shared site with integrated activities, following the USA, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada and elsewhere in Europe. See more here and here

Making bridges with music –Evaluation Report by Plymouth University of Torbay council’s music project bringing older and young people together with childminders and care homes

How downsizing home can help all generations – see United for All Ages’ submission to the House of Commons Communities and Local Government Select Committee inquiry into housing for older people

Families get tougher on quality of care – the latest analysis of reviews left on Good Care Guide. See news release

A Country for All Ages: ending age apartheid in Brexit Britain: United for All Ages’ 2017 report on how different generations can be brought together – see report

Creating age-friendly cities – a Parliamentary briefing for national and local politicians, planners, housing and transport providers

Fairness for all ages United for All Ages’ report Fairness for all ages – twenty radical ways to promote intergenerational equity features contributions from twenty national organisations on tackling inequality between generations

Downsizing home – United for All Ages’ latest website,, encourages and supports older people and their families to downsize home. Providing free advice and practical support, the site aims to help older people to move to ‘the right place at the right time’ – a win-win for all generations

Building a Britain for All Ages – this United for All Ages report calls for a new contract between the generations, with ten ways to build a Britain where people of all ages can prosper. Read the report here

Commission on the Voluntary Sector and Ageing – looking at the implications for all voluntary organisations of our ageing society. See the Commission’s website for its reports and get future-proofing!

Social Integration Commission – looking at how we mix across age, income and race. Three reports have been published by The Challenge together with the British Integration Survey 2016.

Good Care Guide hosts millions of visits – the only website where families using childcare and eldercare can rate and review their care providers. See Channel 4 News about reviews on Good Care Guide, which was developed by United for All Ages and My Family Care to help families choose care and improve the quality of care. See Good Care Guide here

A Future for All Ages - the third report from United for All Ages published in 2013 focuses on how growth starts with homes, care and jobs

Cross Generational Housing – a report by Michael Keith on designing homes where three or more generations of the same family could live together under one roof, published by United for All Ages here

Investing in the future - United for All Ages' second report on wealth, work and welfare in a multi-generational society, published in 2011

Scrap the Cap: ten reasons why the cap on care costs should be replaced (not just postponed) by a fairer way of funding care for older people. A campaign by National Pensioners Convention, Unison and United for All Ages

United or Divided? - United for All Ages's first report on developing a 'cradle to grave' contract between generations, published in 2011

Awards for All Ages – the most recent winners were announced here. They show how action by and for all ages can tackle some of the big social issues facing Britain. See film of the presentation and the winners talking about their projects here.

A ‘think and do’ tank and social enterprise bringing older and younger people together, United for All Ages has been developed by Stephen Burke and Denise Burke. It builds on their experience working with people of all ages. United for All Ages is working to bring people of all generations together through shared sites, shared activities and shared interests to create a Britain for all ages.​

Read us here:

Generation Game - a feature in The Times on how The Together Project is bringing older and young people together to tackle age segregation and ageism 

The rise, fall and rise of intergenerational care An article in the May 2024 edition of Care Talk by Denise Burke

A lifetime of issues and passions, campaigning and learning An interview with Stephen Burke by Mervyn Eastman for Age Speaks on East London Radio

Stronger Together? How have intergenerational relations fared during lockdown? A Covid review by Stephen Burke for a special edition of the Quality in Ageing and Older Adults journal

A tipping point for intergenerational housing and care? A radio interview with Stephen Burke by Housing LLARC and Elders Council of Newcastle

Why town centres have intergenerational appeal - an article by Stephen Burke and Roland Karthaus in Municipal Journal on opportunities to create intergenerational housing, shared spaces and inclusive living 

Where next for intergenerational care? The summer edition of Care Talk magazine

#AllAgesMatter in solving our housing and loneliness crises - six predictions for intergenerational housing in ILC-UK blog

Creating communities for all ages - Stephen Burke sets out how councils can bring older and younger people together in the Municipal Journal

Intergenerational care in the early years - a guide to getting started published by Famly

The gap between young and old has turned Britain into a dysfunctional family - John Harris in The Guardian

Coverage of United for All Ages' Together in the 2020s' report including- Sky News, The Guardian, The Independent

'Every moment here is magical' - Essex school wins dementia award - Sally Weale in The Guardian

Getting the vision right for social care before deciding how to pay for it - Stephen Burke's letter to The Times 

How the new government can create a country for all ages in the 2020s - Stephen Burke's blog for Housing LIN

See our recent letters to the national press - The Observer (bringing Britain together), The Times (free personal care) and The Guardian (centres for all ages)

LISTEN Grassroots action to tackle age segregation - Susan Flory's The Big Middle podcast interview with Stephen Burke

Building positive futures through intergenerational contact - Early Years Educator

Taking from the old to give to the young - Stephen Burke's letter in The Guardian on the House of Lords select committee report on tackling intergenerational unfairness 

Playtime with nursery toddlers revitalises care home residents - in The Times Read the executive summary of the research at Nightingale House

NEW Care Home Professional features good practice in intergenerational care - Care Home Professional

The March edition of Care Talk has an intergenerational theme with lots of articles about what's happening in the UK - Care Talk

Five reasons your care home should adopt an intergenerational approach - Insequa blog

Mixing the growing and the greying benefits divided Britain - Sky News

How the elderly can help the young  - and help themselves - in The Observer

Baby boomers led the cult of youth. Now we should heed the wisdom of age - in The Observer

Workshops pave the way to bringing young and old together - in Nursery World

Tots and elderly are great for each other - in Daily Mirror

Toddlers help 'light up' faces of care home residents - BBC Online


Ambitious intergenerational co-location project unveiled - in Nursery World

Children in care homes: it makes residents feel more human -in The Guardian

When Beryl, 86, met Scarlett, four - love and affection across the ages - in The Observer

New series of show that unites nursery children with the older generation - in Nursery World

Shared spaces build a stronger country – read Stephen Burke’s letter in The Guardian

Intergenerational care – practical advice from Denise Burke on Early Years TV

The sky's the limit for intergenerational action - Stephen Burke's feature in Care Home Environment

Unite the generations – read Stephen Burke’s letter in The Observer(scroll down)

Uniting three generations through training tomorrow’s carers – Stephen Burke in Nursery World

Holding back the years – BBC1 TV programme on the care-home nursery with Stephen Burke, watch from 33 minutes

Help all ages to mix for a healthier society – Stephen Burke in The Guardian

Why parents think the care-home nursery is a game changer – Stephen Burke in Huffington Post

Build care homes by schools to mix generations – Stephen Burke in The Times

Lessons for life: a primary school hosts a day centre for older people – Stephen Burke in The Guardian

Ending age apartheid – Stephen Burke in Public Sector Focus

It’s like being reborn: inside the care home opening its doors to toddlers – Stephen Burke in The Guardian

The first care-home nursery in the UK – Denise Burke in Nursery World

Interview on intergenerational care – Stephen Burke in Nursery World

The American care model that benefits old and young alike – and could come to the UK soon – in The Observer here

Private care home residents pay £10,000 a year stealth tax – in Daily Telegraph here

Families get tougher on quality of care services – in Daily Telegraph here

Intergenerational care: bringing old and young together – in Nursery World here

The gap between old and young must be bridged – read Daily Telegraph editorial here

Underfunding of social care stores up trouble for the future – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

Increased longevity means working practices must change – read Stephen Burke in The Observer here

The consequences of Brexit for care – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

Five ways to survive a three generation household – read Stephen Burke at the BBC here

Elderly in care homes forced to accept price hikes at short notice – read Stephen Burke in Daily Telegraph here

Plummeting satisfaction with home care due to short visits and staff attitudes – read Stephen Burke in Daily Mail here

Shortage of places puts free 30 hours childcare in doubt – read Stephen Burke in Nursery World here

Social care crisis can be tackled – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

Are Trip Advisor-style ratings the best way to measure social care services? – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

Care Quality Commission Annual Report 2015 – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

We must rethink society to be fair to all age groups – read Stephen Burke in The Observer here

Questions re council tax rise to pay for care – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

Care costs cap delay – government urged to resolve funding crisis – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

Five things the next government should pledge for older people – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

Older people as voters – special edition of Quality in Ageing and Older Adults edited by Stephen Burke here

Help older people to solve the housing crisis – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

CCTV in care homes – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

Old and young must unite to solve Britain’s problems – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

Poor care shown by Panorama ‘tip of the iceberg’ – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

Investment needed to improve quality of home care – read Stephen Burke in The Guardian here

Making universal childcare a reality – see Denise Burke’s letter to The Guardian here

We all benefit when society engages with older people – see Stephen Burke’s letter to The Observer here

Lack of housing choice for older people – see what Stephen Burke says here

Letter to The Guardian: sorting out childcare – read Stephen Burke here

Letter to The Guardian: sorting out eldercare – read Stephen Burke here

Care for children and older people remains undervalued and underfunded – read Stephen Burke here

Three reasons to be fearful about care cap – read Stephen Burke here

Quality in Ageing and Older Adults – special intergenerational issue. Guest-edited by United for All Ages, this special edition has ten articles about how action for all ages is the key to tackling social and economic issues from health, care and loneliness to work, housing and theatre. More details here

Shared experiences – we’re better when we’re united for all ages – read Stephen Burke here

Some childcare problems are easy to fix – read Denise Burke here

Invisible army of carers must get support – read Denise Burke here

Older people deserve better designs for living – read Stephen Burke here

Austerity: the rise of the Royle family lifestyle – read the article here

Winners of the 2011 Awards for All Ages – read winners' brochure

A cure for prevention? – read Stephen Burke on an early offer of help for older people here

Investing in the future – read the policy paper

Nothing is for free – read Stephen Burke here

All you need to know about Dilnot – read the article here

The zombie plans for health and care – read the article here

A new way to pay for care – read Stephen Burke here

Rising care costs test generational ties – read the article here

A fairer way to pay for care – read Stephen Burke here

Awards for all ages – read Stephen Burke here

Shared centres for all ages could help beat cuts – read Stephen Burke here

Explain, explain, explain – read Stephen Burke here

There’s no place in the Big Society for our forgotten older generation – read the article here

A silver lining? – read Stephen Burke here

Parents defend children’s centres – read interview with Denise Burke here

Councils commissioning the third sector – read Stephen Burke on The Guardian’s local government network panel here and here

The closure of children’s centres is not inevitable – letter from Denise and Stephen Burke here

Brand new year – read Stephen Burke here

Nursery funding for two year olds – interview with Denise Burke here

Why we are sending Christmas cards – read Stephen Burke here

Getting down to business – read Stephen Burke here

Tough times call for risk taking – read Stephen Burke here

Going public – read Stephen Burke here

Giving better advice about care – read Stephen Burke here

The council and charity collaboration – read Stephen Burke here

National care service – what’s the  big idea? – read Stephen Burke here

A future for long term care – read Stephen Burke here

Grey eminence – interview with Stephen Burke here

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