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United for All Ages is a national social enterprise for all ages. Young and old, families and neighbours – we all can do much more together, living life to the full and learning from life experience.

Many of the economic and social issues we are most concerned about in Britain could be tackled by people of all ages living, working and acting together – creating safer, stronger communities; tackling poverty and worklessness; housing and care; reducing loneliness and homelessness; looking after and helping each other. Sharing sites, responsibilities and interests can make a big difference:

Shared sites
Every local community has a school and a children’s centre and places where older people live. Imagine what more could happen if these facilities could be used by people of all ages.

United is working with children’s centres, schools, housing providers and local authorities to make the most of shared sites for all ages. And to make the most of resources and budgets in tough times to create centres for all ages. Sharing resources and pooling budgets within councils and across agencies can make this happen.

Shared responsibilities
Every family has someone who needs a bit of help and care, whether it’s a child or an older relative. Imagine how life could be a lot easier if people shared the caring across generations.

United is working to help families to help themselves. Schemes like homeshare and care vouchers, kinship care and extended families, practical support in and about the home, flexible working and credits for caring would help us all.

Shared interests
Everybody loves sport. Well almost everybody. Football brings people of all ages together in our parks, playgrounds and stadiums and in pubs and the media.

United is working to promote sport for all ages. With football clubs and following the 2012 Olympics, United is making shared passions our common goals.

United for All Ages can work with you to make shared sites, shared caring and shared interests work for all ages. What we offer

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