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Our Work

Consultancy and support

United for All Ages works with local and central government, health, housing associations, companies, care and childcare providers, third sector and community organisations.

United brings more than sixty years experience to tackle some of the trickiest issues of our time:

  • developing shared sites with childcare and older people’s care homes and housing schemes

  • creating intergenerational ‘centres for all ages’

  • building stronger, safer communities

  • reducing loneliness and isolation

  • tackling poverty, worklessness and disadvantage

  • caring for an ageing population

  • giving everyone the best start in life – childcare policy and strategy

  • volunteering and engaging communities

  • making the best use of resources

  • housing, care, work and technology for all ages

Events, awards and news

We offer:

  • strategy development and action planning

  • childcare sustainability, funding and business planning

  • change management and sustainability

  • community engagement

  • support for multi-agency partnership working

  • leadership coaching and mentoring

  • communications strategy and delivery

  • fundraising and income generation

  • public and voluntary sector management

  • high profile events and awards

  • public speaking and media appearances

Contact United for All Ages for more details.

Top ten tips – a series of advice notes on working with all ages:

United is developing an unparalleled series of events, awards and news on issues and activities involving people of all ages:

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Launches

  • Awards

  • Plaques

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