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Much news has a ‘for all ages’ angle. See our Facebook page for the latest examples. Here are selected articles, blogs and programmes that may change the agenda:

Quality in Ageing and Older Adults - special intergenerational issue Guest-edited by United for All Ages, this special edition has ten articles about how action for all ages is the key to tackling social and economic issues from health, care and loneliness to work, housing and theatre. More details here

The rise of multigenerational living The latest family finances report from Aviva shows the growing number of households where three or more generations live together under one roof. Driven by economic pressures, families are choosing to share space, costs and care. See the Aviva report here and media coverage here and here

Fairness for future generations The Intergenerational Foundation has published some great reports recently - on pensions, student loans and the democratic deficit to name just three. Its latest report develops an index to measure intergenerational fairness to see whether young people are losing out. Check them all out here

Dignity in care for older people? A hard-hitting report from national organisations has put the spotlight on how older people should be treated in hospitals and care homes. Now we need to see action. See the report here

A Better Beginning: with Daycare Trust about to publish its annual survey of the rising cost of childcare, the Social Market Foundation has launched an interesting 'use now, pay later' idea to help parents with loans to meet their childcare bills. See here for the full report

Joined up care and health? Health and social care must work together to serve the growing number of older people better, says the Health Select Committee. Its latest report pushes for integration through effective joint commissioning and an end to the social care crisis. See here

Tomorrow together: how can we make sure all adults regardless of their age can live life to the full and experience well designed quality products and services. A new initiative from the Technology Strategy Board aims to stimulate a national conversation for all ages. See here

Work and family: 2011 in review: this report from My Family Care looks at whether the workplace became more family friendly in 2011, leadership by women and employer action on flexible working as well as developments in childcare and eldercare. See the report here

Multigenerational households in a volatile economy: the number of homes where three or more generations are living together in the USA is on the rise as family finances are squeezed. See the executive summary of the Family Matters report and press release from Generations United

Living beyond 100: a new report from the International Longevity Centre examines the implications of the increasing number of centenarians in our society and makes recommendations in a new report here

Amazing: a brilliant new social enterprise enables older people to market and share their skills, knowledge and experience with anyone who is interested in learning. Have a look at The Amazings here  

Celebrating intergenerational diversity among LGBT people: The International Longevity Centre reviews three ground-breaking local projects involving different generations of lesbian and gay people. See the report here

Where next for parenting? After the riots, and to coincide with Parents Week, the Family & Parenting Institute has published a collection of more than 30 papers by family experts on how to support parents. Read here

Baby boomers vs baby busters: pwc compares the wealth of those born in 1963 when they retire with those born in 1993 and comes up with a stark generational gap. Read the report here

Working Parents and Carers Flexible Working Survey 2011: a large survey of employees with care responsibilities shows what they want from their employers. See the results of My Family Care's research here

Snakes and ladders: a new report from the Resolution Foundation examines the factors behind mobility up the earnings ladder. Don't be a woman, work part-time or outside London. See the report here

Neighbourhood approaches to loneliness: a new project led by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation working in Bradford and York is testing out new ways to tackle loneliness locally. See here for more and read the blog here

Unhappy families: the TUC has published new statistics on the squeeze on families' living standards in advance of its annual Congress this week. For the report and news release see here

Think intergenerational: a new report from 4Children and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation looks at ways in which connecting generations can support communities in tough times. See more here

Parenting matters: in a prescient report, Centre Forum sets out why what happens in the early years of a child's life in their home environment has lifelong consequences for them and for social mobility. See more here

In the public interest: following three public scandals involving bankers, politicians and the media, Compass has launched a cross-party campaign to set up a public jury of one thousand citizens to make sure we have the right checks and balances in public life. Sign up here

Living well at home: a report of an inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group on care and housing for older people says making homes fit for older people to live independently should be a priority to help reduce spending on health and care. For the report, see here

Lessons from youth-led intergenerational initiatives: a new report from the Beth Johnson Foundation and the National Youth Agency draws lessons from a range of projects and activities led by young people to help bridge the gap between generations. See more here

The summer holiday childcare challenge: As schools prepare to break up for the long summer holidays, so parents face a double childcare challenge: falling provision and rising costs as the cuts hit summer holiday childcare, according to new research from Daycare Trust. See more here 

Keep Families Together: A new campaign from Grandparents Plus aims to make sure that families are seen as the first option for children whose parents can't look after them. Check out the great video, Who would you choose for me?, and the campaign here

Age of Opportunity: A new report from the Centre for Social Justice sets out a practical call to action to tackle the poverty and isolation facing Britain's most disadvantaged older people. Government nationally and locally together with the third sector, community organisations and citizens are urged to play their part. Read the report here 

Creative use of public space: With public funding under extreme pressure, here are four projects that are maximising the use of public buildings and space - or shared sites as United for All Ages calls them.  

Give me strength is the title of 4Children's campaign to ensure that families facing tough times get the help and support they need to overcome their problems from postnatal depression to alcohol and domestic abuse. More on the campaign here

Carers Week 13-19 June 2011: Carers of all ages save the economy £119 billion each and every year caring for others of all ages. But they get little recognition, reward or support in return. Carers Week puts the spotlight on these unsung heros - find out more here  

Care in crisis: A new Age UK report shows how the care system is at breaking point, failing many older people. The publication comes just weeks before the Dilnot Commission recommends reform. See here

AGEnda - a generational skills swap is the theme for Abbeyfield Week 2011 on 10-19 June.  Older and young people are being encouraged to talk to each other and swap their skills from IT to knitting. See here for more

Make it easier to give. That's the aim of the Giving White Paper in building a bigger, stronger society. Read it here

EMIL? The European Map of Intergenerational Learning has just re-launched its website to help swap lessons with European neighbours. Check it out here

First there was Youthnet, then Mumsnet, now there is Gransnet - a stimulating place for older and not so old people to share their views re caring and ageing and lots of other stuff. See here

Design for life: A new report from a group of leading social care players sets out how personalisation can move from beyond principles to reality for those people using care and support. See here

Happiness? Everyone wants it but the roots of true happiness are elusive. A new movement, Action for Happiness, seeks some answers. Find out more here

Parents at the centre: with widespread recognition of the importance of early intervention to give children the best start in life, ippr has published a new report to ensure that every parent makes the most of early years services to benefit all children. Download resources here.

On 1 April the Centre for Intergenerational Practice celebrated its tenth anniversary. To mark the occasion the CIP has published a guide to intergenerational practice along with a range of guides and toolkits from local authorities and voluntary organisations involved in Generations Together and Inspiring Communities projects. Download these resources here.

What future for 'neighbourhoods for all ages' under the Localism Bill? A new report from the International Longevity Centre makes recommendations for planners, housing providers and advocates to tackle the obstacles and make the most of the opportunities to create communities that work for our ageing population. Here for more and the report.

Is it an 'agequake'? Or will the fact that we are living longer help strengthen 'ever-extending families' and promote interdependence across and between generations. The Observer has set the challenges and opportunities here and here

Improving outcomes for citizens - a real example from Anglesey. Read more...

No child born to die - Save the Children has launched a hard-hitting campaign to end child poverty in Britain. It has published figures for child poverty in every local authority with Manchester and Tower Hamlets having the highest levels. Read more...  

Loneliness is one of the hidden scourges of modern society. The launch by several charities of the campaign to end loneliness in old age provides a major challenge to all ages and generations. Let's get connected! Read more... 

The smarter way to care for and support most people with dementia would be in their own home - it's what they and their families want and it would save millions. But the latest Alzheimer's Society report shows what's really happening. Read more... 

'That bit of help' is back. It's what older people want and it's how local authorities can support better outcomes for older people in cash-strapped times. Use your imagination. You know it makes sense. Read more... 

Intergenerational learning in care homes - a great video here

No surprises here, but the quality of parenting is really important to all our futures. The Home Front, a new report from Demos, launched by Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, sets out how we can do more to support parents and children in their early years. Read more... 

Toward a new co-production of care. In other words, how can we ensure that family carers are properly supported as part of a new settlement for funding care. A new report from the Strategic Society Centre. Read more... 

Money and job worries are on the rise according to The Samaritans and will dominate 2011. Growing insecurity unites the generations. Read more... 

The latest edition of the journal, Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, has a series of articles on the reform of care funding. The long and winding road sets out the challenges for the commission on care funding. Read more...

The new Strategic Society Centre has published its vision for funding adult social care, setting out an ambitious but rigorous checklist for the care funding commission. Read more... 

More children of working parents are living in poverty according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. More needs to be done to make work pay. Read more...

The debt legacy timebomb, The Guardian, 6.12.10

The UK lags behind in the family friendly league, according to the Fatherhood Institute's new report. Read more...

Congratulations to Bag Books on being awarded The Guardian charity of the year 2010. Read more...

Will business wake up to the growing power of older consumers? A new report by the ILC for Age UK sets out the potential of The Golden Economy. Read more...

The coalition Government has been urged to tackle shocking levels of poverty and social exclusion in older age in a new report from the Centre for Social Justice. Its 250-page review, The Forgotten Age, outlines how loneliness, isolation and social breakdown have fuelled poverty in later life for millions of Britain's pensioners. Read more...

Advance thinking, The Guardian 17.11.10

The care charity Jewish Care has launched a national campaign to connect older people with younger generations to share their experiences. Check out the Pearls of Wisdom campaign. Read more...

Will you still need me when I'm 64? Blogs by David Warren Read more... 


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