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“Daycare Trust, and director Stephen Burke in particular, are credited with pushing childcare to the top of the policy agenda. Talking to Burke in the Daycare Trust offices, located a short taxi ride from Westminster, it is not difficult to see why he has won his reputation for persuasiveness.” The Guardian

"Initially it can be hard to see any connection between Denise Burke's past life as a tax inspector and her current job as senior childcare manager for the London Development Agency (LDA). But as childcare expands at a rapid rate, anyone at the forefront of shaping policy must have a good understanding of the financial pressures involved." Children and Young People Now

“Hammersmith and Fulham boasted the biggest fall in crime and child road deaths, the biggest increase in social housing, the most improved secondary schools, excellent children's centres and services for the old (all home-help charges were abolished).The council's leader, Stephen Burke, is a good man who is deeply committed to the under-fives - he was the recent director of the Daycare Trust - and also to the old, since he now heads the charity Counsel and Care.” Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

"This November [2010] Counsel and Care said goodbye to Chief Executive, Stephen Burke, who led the charity for over five years. Stephen's drive and ambition radically changed the organisation from one that was little known and consulted to one that is now a powerful voice for older people, their families and carers." Generations

"Spending cuts threaten to create conflict between generations as the middle-aged are forced to bear the cost of caring for children and the elderly, according to social policy experts. A report from United for All Ages, a new social enterprise, expressed concern that children’s centres could be closed and care services for the elderly cut, leaving families facing a “care crunch”. It said “generational tensions” were a significant risk as a result of the spending cuts and urged councils to create facilities where all generations could mix." Daily Telegraph



  • Social Care Personality of the Year
  • IPR Sword of Excellence
  • PR Week charity award
  • NMT Childcare Business Regional Development award
  • Caring Times award


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